Going the extra mile with college insurance for further education establishments

With a broad depth of knowledge and a wide range of services, we’re the market leaders in providing college insurance to the further education sector—and Hettle Andrews ONE means just one point of contact for all your insurance and risk management needs.

Since 2010, we’ve been one of the preferred suppliers to the Crescent Purchasing Consortium, a group owned and run on behalf of the further education sector to source competitive contracts.

One reason to choose us is that we offer a bespoke insurance programme to every single further education client, developed through extensive risk profiling. To devise your unique package, we’ll analyse the risks you face, from health & safety exposures to asset protection, and the risk implications of college mergers.

Above all, we put time into building our relationship with you, as this how we can gain the insight to provide you with the right product.

Find out how and why we go further for further education.

Contact Jock Brindley, Director of Education. Call 0121 423 6203 or email jock.brindley@hettleandrews.co.uk