Protecting the future of museums

More than ever, museums have to balance their duty to preserving the past with a responsibility to preserve today’s bottom line. Our insurance and risk management packages provide smart, insightful ways to help museums remain a vital cultural resource for years to come.

Hettle Andrews One delivers a streamlined, cost-effective and transparent service for every area of cover – from exhibits and employer’s liability to construction risks and income protection for fundraising events. All easily managed through a single point of contact.

Our dynamic service is based on a serious appreciation of the arts and culture world. Our team also stay up-to-date with sector developments; especially in the current financial climate, where one in five arts organisations have seen their budgets reduced by 25% or more.

What’s more, we’re always proactive. Helping museums reduce risk, protect their interests and make their premiums even more competitive.

Museums make a long-term commitment to educate future generations about our heritage. That’s why we make a commitment to help them meet today’s challenges and play a vital role in our cultural life long into tomorrow.

See how we can put together a solution for your museum.

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