Hettle Andrews Chartered Insurance Broker. Integrated risk solutions tailored to individual needs. 


Hettle Andrews has the experience to manage the risks your organisation faces.


It makes sense to place all your insurance and risk management needs under one roof.


Our claims experts will resolve your claims quickly and effectively.

Hettle Andrews is a leading chartered insurance broker. We’re passionately professional in everything we do, but what sets us apart from other insurance brokers is our desire to learn, to grow and to deliver the best service we can.

Our remit is to offer balanced risk management and insurance solutions, individually formulated to suit the specific needs and budgets of each of our clients.

The first step for us is to build a relationship with you so we can develop a true understanding of your business and the sector you operate in, and so gain insight into your individual needs. Fortunately, our independent status allows us to offer the exact mix of services that are in each of our clients’ best interests.

We also understand that we have a wider responsibility to the world at large. As a result, we’re committed to reducing both the social and physical impact of our actions on the environment wherever possible.

“As a new client to Hettle Andrews, I have been overwhelmingly pleased with the service provided by your team on transition to Hettle Andrews. You have been supremely professional in the whole process and the recent H&S/HR audit, undertaken by your Risk Services team, was conducted flawlessly. The service has been outstanding.”

Jon Longdon MIOD, MCGI, Bursar. Newcastle-under-Lyme School