large_galleries A one-of-a-kind service for galleries

Our Hettle Andrews One service offers insurance and risk management to help galleries protect priceless artworks, whilst looking after their bottom line.

There’s a single point of contact for every area of cover – from assets, personal accident and trustee liability, to protecting heritage lottery funds or income from fundraising events.

Our dynamic service stems from an in-depth appreciation of the arts and culture world. We also go to great pains to stay up-to-date with sector developments; especially in the current financial climate, where funding for galleries has fallen significantly – with one in five arts organisations facing cuts of 25% or more.

Our clients, whether lottery funded or independent, can take advantage of highly competitive premiums, but we also work closely to help galleries reduce risk and further protect their interests.

Galleries make a long-term commitment to preserve our heritage for future generations. That’s why we make a commitment to help them meet today’s challenges and play a vital role in our cultural life long into tomorrow.

See how Hettle Andrews One can create an innovative solution for your gallery.

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