Disaster Management and Business Continuity Planning are essential elements in ensuring that your organisation recovers quickly and efficiently, should a loss arise.

At Hettle Andrews, we understand that company directors are required by law to act in the best interests of their companies at all times. Our experienced team treat the obligations of our clients seriously and with respect.

By working with us, your organisation will be able to:

– assess the continuity risks you face

– develop a contingency plan for every scenario that could disrupt your organisation

– store online your plan, contacts lists, and any other resources you need in a crisis

– create scenarios to test your plan

If a crisis does occur, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage it effectively. You’ll have the means to communicate with your staff too. In addition, you’ll be able to keep a full audit trail of any incidents.

Support when and where you need it

We offer your organisation a powerful mix of online and offline support. To begin with, there’s our Business Continuity software. You can use it wherever you are, and whenever you need it. ISP 22301 compliant, it’s software your organisation can rely on.

In some situations, you may prefer to speak with an expert directly. When you do, our team of consultants will be there to help.

Surviving a major discontinuity

We recommend that all of our clients invest in a properly planned and implemented business continuity plan. In our experience, it provides them with their best chance of a surviving a major business discontinuity.

Studies show that 80% of organisations with such a plan are likely to survive. Of those who don’t, only 20% are expected to make it. For organisations suffering significant data losses, there’s a 90% chance they will cease to operate within two years.

In 2012, the Chartered Management Institute published their report ‘Planning for the Worst’. They said 39% of organisations still don’t have a business continuity plan.

In the same report, they spoke to organisations who’d activated a business continuity plan in the last 12 months. 81% of managers interviewed said the plans had reduced disruption effectively.

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